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MYCOLOGY 2020 will now be MYCOLOGY 2021 and will take place on 11th & 12th June 2021

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Dr David Moyes

Dr. Moyes is a senior lecturer in Host-Microbiome in the Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions.
Throughout his career, he has been involved in investigating host-microbe interactions and the role of both microbe and host innate immune responses in these interactions.
He has been involved in identifying the central mechanisms by which epithelial cells discriminate between commensal (harmless) and invasive (disease-causing) forms of Candida albicans. This work lead eventually to the discovery of the novel Candidalysin toxin and its role in both disease and protection at mucosal surfaces.
Since becoming a lecturer, his group studies the interactions between host and microbiota at the different mucosal surfaces, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Specifically, whether changes in microbial communities associated with disease are a symptom of the disease, or whether they play a role in driving the disease process.